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What is Operation Backpack?

Founded in 2005, Operation Backpack is a foundation dedicated to helping, spreading awareness, and preventing ALL kinds of child abuse. Inspired by stories of abuse and neglect in the foster care system, OBP began supplying backpacks to foster children in Allegheny county and surrounding areas. We currently supply 100 backpacks a month to children being placed into foster care. Our backpacks are ...filled with essential items, as well as things that are comforting and fun, for children who are being removed from the only home they have ever known, with just the clothes on their back. Our intention is to give them something they can call their own and hopefully make their transition a little easier. We have since expanded and been able to raise thousands of dollars as well as provide resources to local childcare and advocacy efforts.

Operation Backpack Mission:

Our mission is to help abused and neglected children in Allegheny County and surrounding counties, and to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect.